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CanyonChasers motorcycle product reviews; unbiased and informed from the perspective of real-world riders like yourself

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Why Our Reviews are Different

IIf you have ever read the new products pages in the back of the magazines, they all seem to read like an advertisement. That doesn't do anybody any good so when we decided to take on product reviews we had one simple goal; Use the product during real-world applications, until its worn out if necessary.

We understand that motorcycles are a discretionary purchase and all of us all want to stretch our motorcycle dollar as far as possible. That is why we strive to really test a product and find out how it really works. We try to be as honest as possible about every products strengths, and many times, weaknesses. As a result, there are some manufacturers who no longer send us product, but there are others whom we have built very strong relationships with.

Newest Reviews

Continental Sport Attack 3 Hypersport Tire Test

If you are tired of dealing with all the hassles of a tankbag, or you just require more storage for all your adventure kit, this humble tailbag may be exactly what you are looking for.

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Continental Sport Attack 3 Hypersport Tire Test

It has all the bells, and all the whistles, its Gore-Tex and it even has some features you didn't even know you needed, but does this justify the almost $1,000 price?

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