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Sport Touring is nothing like racing, yet, we feel it requires same kind of skill and proficiency to do well. In fact, several years ago one of the major motorcyle tire manufacturers did a massive study on Sport Touring in preparation for the development of a new tire. Sport Touring riders tend to be very experienced and highly skilled. This was no surpise to us, but reaffirmed our opinion.

We spend a great deal of time on the race track. Many of us teach high-performance riding on the side, several others are actual club-level championship winning racers. While a track rider will see the same 12 or 15 corners over and over and over again, allowing them to experiment and perefect those few corners, a Sport Touring rider can potentially see thousands of corners in a single day of riding. In many cases they are corners tehy've never seen before and may never see again, or at the very least, its been several months or years since they've seen them last. Because of this, it is critical for Sport Touring riders to understand and ride well within their personal skill levels. Sport Touring riders, more than most any other type of rider, must ride into every corner with a well thought-out plan.

This challenge is a big part of why we love Sport Touring, more than any other style of motorcycling (including track riding). Not only do we savor the challenge of riding new corners, but the scenery is ever-changing and can be nothing short or awe-inspiring.

To help other Sport Touring riders enhance their Sport Touring experience, we've compiled some of our favorite riding technique-based articles and have been adding our own over the years.

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