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Featured | Edge Connex Industrial Spot

You just never know how or when opportunity may strike. In this case, we were hired to be the "talent" in an industrial spot that wanted to use a motorcycle on a racetrack as an analogy for small, nimble, fast and responsive. They rented the track and a camera crew came out and eyes were on me as I turned laps all by my lonesome. It was a pretty great day.


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perfect cornering posture

How you sit on a motorcycle during cornering can reduce lean angle, and improve visibility to help you become an even better and safer rider, regardless if you are riding on the street or the track, on a cruiser or a superbike.

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how to clean a visor

We reveal one of our favorite Moto Life Hacks for getting a perfectly clean visor when you are out and about, without any special cleaning supplies and, most importantly, without risking any scratches.

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